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Weekly Shiurim

Weekly Shiurim


Kitzur Shulchan Aruch

The Code of Jewish Law

with Rabbi Shmuel Simpson


Mishna shiur with Rabbi Hazdan

8:45 – 9:15 am in the Small Shul

Current Tractate: Shabbat


Jewish Learning Institue - See homepage for upcoming courses


Shiur after Kiddush

with Rabbi Shmuel Simpson

One-On-One Study

One-On-One Study

As The People of the Book the pursuit of knowledge has always been the hallmark of the Jewish People, the study of Torah is what keeps us together as a people throughout the generations. 


The Torah has something for everybody. Looking for practical instruction on how to live as a Jew? Shulchan Aruch (The code of Jewish law) has all your answers.


Looking for an inspirational idea to pull you through the week? A shiur on the weekly portion can provide you with just the inspiration you are looking for.


Mysticism your kind of thing? The Kabbalah is just right for you. For those looking for a more analytical twist, the Talmud is just that: a deep probing look into the depths of Jewish law.

At Great Park, a number of personal study-sessions have been initiated. Should you wish to pursue a Torah subject or text of your choice, or perhaps organize a small group session please contact Rabbi Shmuel or Goldie Simpson.

Women's Classes

Women's Classes

Women's Forum

 “Every week I see women in the community and wish them a ‘hello’ and ‘Good Shabbos’… but I know that every one of these women has a story and thought and experiences to share….”


With this in mind, a small group of women has initiated a Women’s Forum providing an opportunity for women in the community to share words of wisdom, strength, and hope, based on personal life experiences. 


The current series of talks is called ‘Women’s Lives: Lessons we learn from each other’. 

If you are interested in participating in these gatherings contact Goldie Simpson.

Living with the Times

Women in the community join together for a morning or evening of learning, particularly before a chag.


We share ideas in connection to the time of year, ask and answer questions, and discuss the deeper dimensions of the cycle of Jewish life.

If you would like to be informed about these shiurim,

please contact Goldie Simpson.

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Rosh Chodesh Group

Each month women get together for a morning of inspiration reflecting of the power of that Hebrew month. Guest speakers share words of strength on how to infuse the month with beauty and positive energy.



To join this group, please contact Goldie Simpson.

Chesed Roster

We are proud of our active chesed roster headed by Debbie Firer.


Women on the roster take turns taking kosher meals, parts of meals, flowers, or little treats to community members who have just had a baby, or who are unfortunately experiencing pain or loss.

If you would like to be included in this roster,

please inform the Shul office.

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Mitzvot of Women

With the opening of our new Mikvah, women of all ages and from all walks of life have embraced the mitzvah of Mikvah. Please contact us to talk one-on-one about Mikvah, or to refresh your knowledge about Mikvah.

To learn more about Mikvah visit:


Call us to book a mikvah appointment(a designated private Mikvah line).




Join us for Challah-Baking and/or to learn more about the power of Shabbat candles and spreading light. Contact us to learn more about these events.



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